What Security Guards Can and Cannot Do

Knowing the Legal Extent of a Security Guard's Actions The demand for private security is growing in the United States. Organizations all over the country that previously were satisfied with little or no security at all are adding security guards to their budgets. As security guards become more present in daily life, it is important... Continue Reading →


POV: Why Schools Shouldn’t Have Security Guards

Understanding the Debate: Those Against Bringing In Security Guards for Public Schools The recent Parkland shooting that took 17 lives and left 14 injured made school shootings and violence a central focus of conversations around the country. President Trump followed up the shooting by immediately calling for schools to arm school personnel. Advocates for putting... Continue Reading →

POV: Why Should Schools Have Security Guards?

Understanding the Debate: Those in Favor of Bringing In Security Guards for Public Schools In recent years, the number of school shootings have increased significantly. Schools at all levels – elementary, middle, high school and universities, are being forced to address the possibility of violence occurring on their grounds. In response to the threat, many... Continue Reading →

4 Reasons to Hire Mobile Security Guards

What You Should Know About Mobile Patrol Security As businesses realize the value that security teams provide, they also realize that they have more options when it comes to fulfilling their security needs. One of these options is mobile security guards. While large or particularly vulnerable businesses often benefit from static guards, smaller businesses may... Continue Reading →

How to Know If Your Business Needs a Security Guard

Does Your Business Need a Security Guard Most business owners prioritize the safety and security of their businesses, and are already incorporating some protection strategies, such as CCTV systems. While security systems and panic buttons can provide your employees with important protection, nothing can replace the peace of mind that only an on-site security professional... Continue Reading →

3 Tips for Planning Your Event’s Security

How to Ensure the Security of Your Next Event   Every venue comes with unique safety and security concerns. Security officers must be ready for anything from inclement weather to malfunctioning equipment, not to mention internal or external threats. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to prepare for any event and... Continue Reading →

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